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Watch Case Opener

Made in Switzerland by the maker of the famous Swiss Army Knife, it is excellent for all-purpose use. Closed length is 3 1/2 inches, and the knife features two stainless steel blades and anodized handle. Short blade is for opening watch cases.
$15.00 each

L-G "Openall" Waterproof Case Wrench

Especially designed for Rolex oyster cases and adaptable for use with the famous L-G wrench. Will open all Rolex waterproof cases. Six knurled rings accurately interlock with the edges on genuine Rolex cases. Diameter of rings: 18.5, 20.2, 22.5, 26.5, 28.3 and 29.5 mm. Sturdy frame fits any bench vise. Adjustable case holder, built into base of frame, accommodates all size cases. Made in USA.
$84.00 each

L-G Master Case Opener for Waterproof Cases

Opens any size or shape of case, knurled or polygon, with any number of slots, notches or holes. Gets a tight, non-slip grip that will not scratch or mar. Cover can be left in wrench ready for replacing. Complete with four sets of interchangeable jaw pins. Made in USA.
$53.00 each

Reversible-Blade Screwdriver Sets

A very popular series of screwdrivers that feature color-coded hex heads and reversible blades. Blades are tempered and finely ground to exact specifications. Individual replacement blades are packaged in bags of three. Made in Switzerland.
Set of 7 screwdrivers in box, sizes #3 – #9

$26.00 for box set

Economy Waterproof Watch Case Opener

Includes sets of easy to insert jaw pins: round, flat, square and toothed. Provides a tight, non-slip grip that will not scratch or mar. Comes in a protective wood storage case.

$22.00 each


The ultimate in triplet loupe design. Extra large 20.5mm field of vision. Aplanatic, achromatic and color corrected.

$36.00 each

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