Most people think that the most expensive watches are only for men. While this is true in most cases, there are some exceptions to this rule. For instance, Rolex began selling watches for women in Switzerland in 1974. Since then, Rolex has been building a name for itself as one of the most recognized luxury brands on the planet.

In terms of the most expensive watches for men, there are two distinct groups. There are the watches that are more expensive simply because they are designed better, and then there are those which are more costly simply because of the brand itself. This is a good way to describe Rolex, as well as many other top luxury watches. The brand is known for having an excellent design for men’s watches. Although the designs may be similar, Rolex watches tend to be a bit different due to the fact that they are designed from the beginning to accommodate men’s needs and tastes. Because of this, Rolex watches often have better functionality, as well as looking much better than their female counterparts.

Of course, one of the most recognized names in watch design is Breguet. Breguet was founded by Louis Francois Breitling in 1770. From the very beginning, Breguet has focused on making the highest quality watches possible. One of the founder’s goals was to provide the best watches for people who were willing to pay the price that Louis Francois paid for them.

Louis Francois was a skilled carpenter and designed some of the earliest model clocks. In addition to this, he also designed the very first chronograph. It was later realized that it would be much easier to mass-produce these clocks if they were based on a calendar. Breguet became known worldwide for its highly technical and sophisticated watches. Its most famous invention was the timepiece designed especially for King Louis XIV of France. When the king became seriously ill during his reign, Breguet took advantage and created a limited run of clocks with all of the relevant details etched onto the faces.

Breguet also makes specialized watches for people on their own. They were one of the first companies to specialize in pilot watches. Many of the original designs were based on the designs that were originally created for the royals and are still highly collectible today. The majority of Breguet watches are designed with a round dial and a simple rectangular case, though they have been known to make use of other shapes and designs.

The next name on the list of most expensive watchmakers is Baume & Mercier. This family-owned watchmaking company is located in Switzerland. For over 150 years, Baume has focused on making only the finest timepieces. Their founder, Hans Gsellmann, studied clockmaking and eventually became one of the world’s leading watchmakers. He named his company after his daughter, Griselda, who was also passionate about watchmaking.

The most prestigious family-owned luxury watchmaking firm in Switzerland is the Swiss army jewelry maker, HWA. Established in 1857, the company still makes a wide range of unique watches each year. Many of them were inspired by various legendary figures that are found in the Swiss history books. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger was responsible for some of the designs that are seen on the brand. Hwa began by making jewelry for the army officers and eventually turned to make luxury timepieces.

One of the most expensive watch brands out there today is the Richard Mille watch company. Richard Mille is actually an acronym for its founding member, Richard Hohensee. The founder of the company was a violinist and concert musician. He designed a series of complex musical works that would go under the name of “ymphonometry.” When Richard Hohensee joined forces with fellow violinist Elbert Furterer, they designed and built a series of concert pianos. In order to finance their work, Richard Mille created the “Hohensee” company, which eventually led to the creation of its first watch, the Mille Tourbillon.